Terms of Use

1. Welcome to the ShankStream
ShankStream (hereinafter referred to as "the Service") you will find the, thank you.
This service is a social networking service operated (the "Company") Limited Liability Company blue sky.
By using the Service, you may have to agree to these Terms and Conditions. Please read all the following.
2. For service contents
This service is a service that can post a comment chat messages to each URL.
3. About Prohibited
Upon use of the service, I will ban the act falling under any of the following by the user participation.

Actions that the fear or violate the right or interest participation by other users, intellectual property rights of the Company or third party, portrait rights, privacy rights, other rights of honor
Act of infringement of the secret communication of our property, privacy, publicity right, honor, credit
Participation by other users, remarks or discriminatory act and slander against the Company or third party
Act of participation by other users, use the content without permission of the Company or third parties to infringe the intellectual property rights of copyright, trademark rights, etc.
Actions that the fear or act contrary to public order and morals or act the fear actions that the fear, or act involved in criminal activity or the criminal
Unauthorized access to equipment and software, etc. that is necessary in order to operate the Service
Act of transmitting harmful computer program of the computer virus, etc.
The act of posting information personally identifiable information, financial position and information, about the property, and other information that is detrimental to participation by other users
Act of identifying the participation of other users without permission of the person
Seeking behavior disclosure of personal information to other users participate
Acts that may be recognized as a public personal information of third parties or publication of personal information of a third party
Act of access to the account of user participation or other act to impersonate others
Actions that the fear or violate (including the regulations by local governments set) laws and regulations
Actions that the fear or interfere with the administration of this service
Participation other users, any act prejudicial to the rights and interests of the Company or third party
Act in violation of the rules and Regulations and this Agreement other
Act that we thinks that it harm other users participate, the interests of the Company or third party even if there is no defined above
Acts Company deems inappropriate even if there is no defined above
4. Disclaimer
It is assumed to be performed under the responsibility of the users use of the Service, we do not take any responsibility.
This service does not guarantee that there is no bug-bug.
5. End stop of the Service, or interruption
We do not guarantee that you do not stop this service or interruption. It is assumed that it is possible to interrupt all or part of the Service by circumstances our without including the following cases, otherwise the participating users.

When performing an emergency or regular maintenance work or inspection of server and computer system according to the present service
Trouble or failure of software and computer systems
If the computer, communication line or the like is stopped due to accident
The failure due to unauthorized access from outside
If you are unable to operation of this service due to a failure or unexpected trouble and severe system failures
If the operation of this service is unable to fire, power failure, by the force majeure of natural disasters such as
If the (war, civil war, riot, civil commotion, labor disputes, etc.), operation of this service is difficult or impossible external factors
If the operation of this service can not be the measure of the laws and regulations
In addition, if it is determined that it is necessary to suspend or stop our
In addition to the previous section, we assume that you can be at the discretion of the Company, to terminate this service at any time or to stop the operation of this service.
  • Established at 2014/01/27